Raccoon Man- Episode 2 -The Twilight Shift


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Raccoon Man- Episode 2 - The Twilight Shift

Raccoon Man, a tale of revenge of the natural and supernatural kind.

Harry Stewart is still convinced something is not right with Michale Kauffman's insistence he knows nothing of what went on in Hanson's Mansion, so when Kauffman welcomes Harry back to Huron City at a police benefit dinner, Harry believes this is nothing but a ruse to keep Harry on his side.

Ashley Fitzpatrick believes illegal fur trapping is going on, and this is why Raccoon Man has exacted revenge by killing her father and the other man. She tells Harry of a a secret fur processing shift that takes place at Premiere Pelts, a fur factory owned by Micheal Kauffman.

And when Harry hears the same news from a police informant, he knows he must pay the place a visit, despite Chief Tucker telling him the case is no longer open. But when he and Ashley pay a twilight visit to the factory, it seems someone knew they were coming.

Raccoon Man-Huron City Radio's first broadcast one year anniversary.

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