Raccoon Man- Episode 1 -Trapper Hanson's Mansion


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Raccoon Man- Episode 1 - Trapper Hanson's Mansion

Raccoon Man, a tale of revenge of the natural and supernatural kind.

When a man is found ripped to pieces in Trapper Hansen's Mansion, the police thinks it is yet another coyote or wild dog attack. But this is the second such attack in the last few months, and the daughter of the other man to die, Ashley Fitzpatrick, believes Raccoon Man killed them.

Detective Harry Stewart is back in Huron City, and is interested in the case when he learns that Michael Kauffman owns the property where the killings took place. Thirty years ago, Harry's sister 'Frankie' went missing near the lake, and Harry believes Kauffman knows what happened.

And when Ashley recognizes Harry's name and the connection to Frankie, she tries to convince him that maybe they both have an interest in finding out more about what Kauffman knows. But Harry's boss, Chief Tucker, is aware Harry is dragon his past into the investigation, and after all, the attacks was just coyotes, wasn't it?

Raccoon Man-Huron City Radio's first broadcast one year anniversary.

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