191 Me, a Disruptor? A Framework for Quiet Disruption


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A couple of years back, when the book Disrupt-Her by Miki Agrawal (powerhouse cofounder of THINX and Tushy, two startups that disrupted the taboo categories of periods and toilets) came out, I read it, thinking:

“This wasn’t written for me. I’m not bold or daring or loud. I’m not a disruptor. If anything, my natural tendency is to keep the peace.”

Well, through a series of recent events – including claiming the Quiet Messenger title, I’ve changed my mind. (More on that in today’s episode.)

Because a clear message is inherently disruptive.

This has become more and more true for me this round of my Messenger Mastermind as I see these sensitive souls really showing up for their people and stepping into speaking out in ways that stretch them but feel so so important.

The reason you and I think we’re not disruptors is because, like in the leadership and business worlds, that term has an inherent bias that excludes traits like shy, introverted, quiet, and sensitive.

So we need to expand the definition to include us.

In ep 191 of Quiet Messenger, I break down my 5 Tenets for Quiet Disruption to help guide you to step into the disruptor that you ALREADY are, no need to be more bold or daring or loud.

Listen in.

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