174 Feminist Marketing & Copy that Doesn’t Oppress with Kelly Diels


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If we design for the people with the most marginalized identities, the experience improves for everyone else.

That’s a core belief of Kelly Diels, a Feminist Marketing Consultant who trains feminist copywriters and helps bake our beliefs into our business practices to generate money and justice.

She saw that, working in the women’s empowerment space, those who don’t identify as women often get excluded.

To make her space as welcoming and inclusive as possible, she centers the people with the least dominant identities in her spaces and makes her policies and practices around them.

If you’re looking for grounded guidance you can apply immediately to your website and business practices, this episode is super-actionable. (I took a long list of notes for my own business!)

In episode 174, you’ll hear nitty-gritty copywriting advice, word shifts, and exact practices she uses.

Listen in.

Kelly and I talk about
  • Why it’s a myth that aligning your work with your values will make you less money
  • The filter questions she asks herself: “Will this create more love? Will this create more justice?”
  • The reason behind putting your pronouns on your zoomWhy she doesn’t use the word “womxn” anymore
  • The traditional copywriting and marketing tendencies we need to avoid if we’re writing for justice
  • Why she starts all her newsletters with what she’s selling, credits her influences in all her emails, and starts every meeting with a land acknowledgment
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Warmth, Adria

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