172 Being an Imperfect Ally…Even If You’re a Sensitive Soul with Erica Courdae


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Today, we’re joined by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coach Erica Courdae in a conversation that will make it easier for you to keep speaking up ~ especially if you’re scared you’ll mess up.

This is to get us into imperfect action…even that thoughtful, caring side of ourselves that second-guesses what we share and just wants to say it the “right” way.

What I learned from Erica:

Being in conversation with people who don’t look, live or love the way that you do is essential for us to collectively get to a place where no one has to feel othered.

Listen in.

Erica and I talk about:
  • How to avoid going down the shame spiral of, “Oh no, I did that wrong!”
  • The ableist phrase I unconsciously used in our conversation…that’s common in the leadership community
  • Why what you watch on tv, the music you listen to, the brands you trust, and the experts you follow all affect your strength as an ally
  • Where Erica sees well-intentioned people mess up when using a DEI framework
  • How to discern when to speak up and when to pass the mic
  • Why the change is mostly NOT happening in the comments on Instagram or Facebook — and how to redirect your actions
  • When it’s okay to rest your voice
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Warmth, Adria

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