168 [Case Study] Your Message Doesn’t Need to Be Loud with Lisa Thruston


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Two years ago, in the midst of one of my Message Clarity Challenges, Lisa Thruston realized that maybe there was more than one way to show up as a Messenger.

…another way besides the outspoken, extroverted ideal held in our online business culture. (Which by the way, is also totally fine — it’s just not the only way.)

>> Your message doesn’t have to be loud and big to create lasting relationships with your people.

Lisa had all the structural, strategic, behind-the-scenes pieces of her business in place.

What she needed now was the front-facing part – how to be her own type of Messenger.

What followed was a journey to her voice, her way of showing up as a powerful Sensitive Soul Messenger. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all template for being a Messenger.

Now she’s STANDING FOR something and showing up real…and when she posts something, she gets engagement, private messages saying her post spoke to them, and people wanting to hop on discovery calls with her.

In episode #168, I take you along, behind the scenes of that journey.

Listen in.

We talk about
  • Why your message doesn’t have to be loud and big to create longer and deeper lasting relationships with your people
  • The moment she realized that wanting to be all things to all people wasn’t going to serve who she was here to help
  • How she recognized that success comes from being real, talking with authenticity…and allowing that to call your people to you
  • The permission she’s had to give herself to really keep showing up
  • How she pushes her edge and challenges herself in her messengership (while knowing it doesn’t have to be the big scary monster that she made it out to be)
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Warmth, Adria

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