167 Which Kind of Sensitive Soul Messenger Are You?


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I know you care so much. I know you’re here to make an impact.

And I ALSO know you feel this pull to speak, for your voice and your message to be heard.

A lot of people in my community have at least a touch of Sensitive Soul Messenger in them.

Empathic, caring, big heart… yet not sharing their message as much as they could because they second-guess what they post and hover with their finger over publish… or get stuck over-polishing forever.

But did you know that you can be the Sensitive Soul AND also another Messenger Archetype?

Often people come to me and say they got one result on my quiz and their answers feel like deep truth, but they also FEEL one of the other Archetypes.

In episode #167, I talk about the nuances and variations of what it means to be a Sensitive Soul Messenger.

I’ll help you identify which kind of Sensitive Soul Messenger YOU are, even if your results on my Messenger Archetypes quiz said you were a different Archetype.

Because none of us are just ONE thing. We’re complex. And those complexities are what make you a uniquely powerful Messenger.

Listen in.

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Which kind of Sensitive Soul Messenger are you? Listen to the episode then let me know in the comments over on Instagram.

Warmth, Adria

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