164 [Behind the Scenes] My Struggle Being Visible These Past Two Months


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Earlier in the summer, I told you I was taking a two-month break from the podcast.

And I did.

I’m writing this to the sound of forklifts and drizzling rain, from Steve’s biz partner’s metal fabrication shop in Oregon. I’ve been working from the road, living out of the dobervan with Steve and our pup.

And…I love how every time things feel like I’m PUSHING, I re-remember this ⤵️…and always have to give myself permission to lean into trust all over again.

Turns out that allowing space (+ unclenching) really does work to unblock creative flow. 💡

🌾My introvert soul is replenished from sleeping in remote forests with the cozy comfort of my own bed.

🌾My inner adventurer is content from exploring new hills and backcountry roads.

🌾My creative spark is charged up from playing with the vanlife vlog Steve and I just started (eek!).

But it hasn’t been an easy journey with my voice these past couple months (or honestly ever).

Listen in to hear my raw & unfiltered behind the scenes.

Deeper support from me:
  • As a Copywriter + Messaging Expert, I craft copy that makes your dream clients feel SEEN and conveys the true value and impact of your work so that it moves them to sign up. Interested? I’d love to chat.
I talk about:
  • Why the [social media] struggle is real for shy introverts…and the hard truth I didn’t want to hear
  • How we pivoted when Steve got laid off at the beginning of the pandemic
  • The way I’ve created more stability and consistency in my business
  • My transition to vanlife ~ and the new project I’m nerve-cited to share with you
  • What I was doing when my business regularly called in clients…that I’m not doing now (and why that’s okay)
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Does it feel extra hard to use your voice right now? Let me know in the comments over on Instagram.

Warmth, Adria

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