149 Leaning Into Growth as a Messenger


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In 2019,

  • I deepened into what I stood for and said things publicly that made me cry
  • I struggled to find balance between receiving support and maintaining connection with my people
  • I cut out income streams in my business to be more in alignment (and proved the fear wrong by replacing that income)

Next year, in 2020, I’m being called to use my voice to contribute to more conversations that really matter.

And many of those conversations I’m not an expert in…

So I’m navigating how to not shy away from raising awareness or wait until I do it perfectly. (I’m likely going to model messing up!)

Listen to this episode of Unforgettable for a behind the scenes peek at what I learned about being a Messenger in 2019 and my Messenger edge that I’m leaning into in 2020.

Listen in.

Deeper support from me:
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What Messenger edge are YOU leaning into in 2020? Let me know over on Instagram.

Warmth, Adria

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