148 How You Give Reveals Who You Are


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What does giving have to do with leadership and your business, you ask?

Giving is part of a compelling message because…
  1. Giving reveals your values, as a human being and a business owner.
  2. Giving deepens your mission. It sets an example and helps you step into your leadership.
  3. Giving creates connection. When you give back to people and groups that resonate with your audience, it helps your audience feel seen and valued by you, particularly for marginalized groups.
Yet, it’s easy in all the struggle to make money as biz owners to shift into an anxious, grasping energy – WITHOUT even knowing it.

Even for big-hearted women who got into this work to do GOOD. (Myself included.)

Listen in.

I talk about:
  • Why giving allows you to sell and serve from a soulful place
  • Three powerful ways to give in your business as a Messenger
  • How to lean back into generous energy (and re-open your channel to receive) when you’ve been stressed about getting clients
Deeper support from me:
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How do you incorporate giving into your business? Let me know on Instagram.

Warmth, Adria

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