23. Lukas Rossi


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Lukas Rossi is a pure-bred rock star. Although he’s lived all over Canada, he’s from Toronto, Ontario and now lives in Nashville Tennessee.
Over the span of his 20+ year career, he’s played in bands like Cleavage, Rise Electric, Switchblade Glory and The Halo Method to name of few but it was really with Rock Star Supernova that Rossi rose to fame.
Rock Star Supernova was a supergroup with Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Metallica’s Jason Newsted and from Guns N' Roses: Gilby Clarke. They found Lukas in 2006 through the CBS reality TV show: Rock Star: Supernova, the sequel to Rock Star: INXS.
Lukas quickly became a fan favourite on the show proving he didn’t just look like a rock star but he could sing like one as well which is why he ended up winning the whole show. He then recorded an album with the band and toured arenas and stadiums across the world.
Rock Star Supernova had a few singles off their debut album such as: Headspin (written by Rossi), Be Yourself (and 5 Other Cliches), Can't Bring Myself to Light This Fuse and It's All Love.
The group disbanded after one album and one tour but Lukas continued to rock with an array of different projects.
In June of 2020 Lukas released a brand new solo album called Summertime which is an album that shows not only his rock side, but his pop-oriented talents.
Long story short, after appearing on Ellen, Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Entertainment Tonight and Live with Regis and Kelly, he’s on the podcast and he’s ready to talk music!

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