Rev. Debra J. Hopkins Believes There's Still Hope


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Rev. Debra J. Hopkins is a native New Yorker and trans woman of color who believes that there’s always hope because words have power and everybody can be a voice for change through action, activism, and community involvement. We can all help put an end to the social and economic discrimination that's ever present in this country.

Debra is the Founder of There's Still Hope, a non-profit organization that provides a Transitional Housing Program for transgender adults, trans victims of domestic violence, and trans individuals released from the correctional institutional system.

Debra earned her Masters of Theology degree from New York Theological Seminary and is a licensed non-denominational minister. She is actively involved in ministry through pastoral care, writing, and community activism. She is the author of three books and three anthologies, including her memoir, Not Until You Have Walked In My Shoes.

Through it all, Debra continues to spend time traveling around the country advocating for the marginalized people within the LGBTQIA community.

Topics Discussed:

  • Faith/Identity: Formed via self-discovery of development, foundational footing
  • Transition: Vehicle to expand audience and not allow naysayers’ negativity
  • Words of Advice: Be authentic and use the tools that God has given you
  • Community, therapy, and honesty brings healing, understanding, and activism
  • Look in the Mirror: Convey the truth of life and how we should be treated equally
  • There’s Still Hope: After losing it all, being homeless, and trying to clear name
  • Platforms: Build, exercise, and cultivate spiritual, mental, and physical muscles

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