Queer Mental Health with Candice Czubernat (Encore)


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Being brave is not easy, it’s a tough battle—sound familiar? With the holidays and reality of the world we are living in, it’s worth repeating this episode of Queerology with Candice Czubernat. ​

Candice is a therapist and founder of The Christian Closet, an LGBTQ-affirming counseling, coaching, and spiritual direction organization.

Also, Candice is the founder of Gloriously Queer, a conference for LGBTQ people of faith developed by LGBTQ people of faith.

As a therapist, Candice helps individuals and couples worldwide navigate complex mental health experiences while living as queer people of faith.

Candice was named one of the “10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know” by The Advocate. She is a seasoned blogger, speaker, and author on LGBTQ Christianity and mental health issues.

Candice graduated from the Moody Bible Institute and The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Candice identifies as a lesbian and Christian, who lives in California with her wife and their 5-year-old twins.

Topics Discussed:

  • LGBT and Christian: Lesbian is a really long word, easier to say gay or queer
  • Queer Piece of Faith: Terrifying sin or specially knitted gift from God?
  • Queer Mental Health: Suffering? Stunted? Don’t hide how God created you
  • Mental Health Practice: It may not be perfect or what you thought it would be
  • Heartbreaking Proof: Everybody’s got issues, who caused and created damage?
  • Trust Your Heart: Self-love turns you toward holiness, selflessness, gentleness
  • Radical Self-Acceptance: You’re not alone and you deserve love; visualize voices
  • Mental Health Diagnosis and Medication: Taboo topics people don’t talk about
  • Professional Investment: Take pride in doing something to stop shame, suffering

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