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When Dr. Kyl Myers and their husband decided to have a child, they came to an unorthodox decision: they would not assign a gender to their baby. Dr. Kyl teaches the world how to raise children without gender-based shame, expectations, and limitations. Instead, she's an advocate for unconditional love so kids can live vibrant, authentic lives.

Kyl is a sociologist, educator, and advocate for Gender Creative Parenting. Her TED talk, Want Gender Equality? Let's Get Creative, encourages people to rethink childhood gender socialization.

Kyl’s new book, Raising Them: Our Adventure in Gender Creative Parenting documents their journey raising their child, Zoomer. She is the creator of the Raising Zoomer website & Instagram, a place where kids be kids in an environment where everything is for everyone.

Topics Discussed:

  • Faith and Religion: Mormonism shaped identity journey—for better and worse
  • Homophobia: Same-sex controversy, no promo homo laws, and conversion
  • Queer Community: Recognizing and finding one’s self is liberating
  • Social Justice: Fight for the underdog and against being ostracized
  • Education: Check your ignorance and think on your own to learn valuable things
  • Love and Marriage: Meet people, make choices, and question family values
  • Gender Creative Parenting: Commit to raising children by supporting diversity

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