90 Seconds of Truth - Part 1


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Last week, Bethel Church posted a message on their Instagram asking "Can a person leave homosexuality behind?" promoting their "Changed Movement" which shares stories of people who have "experienced freedom" from being LGBTQ+.

90 Seconds of Truth is our response. Kevin Garcia and I joined forces and asked people on our social media channels to share 90-second stories with us of what their lives have been like since leaving toxic theology behind.

We had so many responses that we needed to break things up into two episodes! Listen in today and again tomorrow on Kevin's Podcast, A Tiny Revolution to hear all these incredible stories!

Together, we can fight the resurgence of ex-gay theology. A theology that is responsible for the deaths of LGBTQ+ people all over the world. Join us and tell your story using the hashtag #90SecondsOfTruth

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