The Love Tutoring Festival Lunchtime Nudge Education Insight Sessions: What You Can Gain from Participating in Them


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Individually, they are engaging and inspirational. But together, they are a very powerful force for good: Nudge Education CEO Diego Melo and Service Lead at Nudge Minds, Hannah Mitchell.
At the Love Tutoring Festival 24th-28th Jan 2022, Diego & Hannah will be leading the highly valuable lunchtime Insight and Mindfulness Sessions, from 1-1:30pm GMT every day.
These will consist of a series of mindfulness techniques, breath work and meditation for all educators. Partly based off a simple yet effective methodology of 15 deep, diaphragmatic breaths, these sessions will provide a real balance to the high-energy activity of the rest of each day.
And a huge thank you of course to Nudge Education for partnering with Qualified Tutor as Lead Sponsors of the Love Tutoring Festival 2 - the tutoring and interventions landscape just wouldn't be the same without Nudge Education and, for that, we are truly grateful.

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