The Essential Role that Vocabulary Plays in Children’s Learning, with Published Children’s Author, Sheena Ager


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In our first episode dedicated to vocabulary, we explore the intricacies of this field and central importance to education through the lens of the published works of a children's author.
Sheena Ager journey to authorship came about differently to most. Sheena wrote her first book, Tangled Time, part of the Cadwaladr Quests serial, with and for her reluctant reader son when he was studying for his 11+ exams. After seeing him struggle with reading and understanding the tricky vocabulary that the exams required, Sheena decided to pen a book that allowed children to greatly increase their range of vocabulary, alongside a fascinating plotline reminiscent of some of the great works of the mythical, medieval genre.
With context-specific definitions on each page and passages packed full of creative, powerful vocabulary, as well as related workbooks to go alongside, the books were, and are, a smash hit. Follow the link below to grab a copy for you and your students/your own children.
And watch out for more to come ...

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