Teaching Key Life Skills to Children: Empowering Students through Legal Education, with Founder of Little Lawyers, Fiona Mills


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Fiona Mills is a pretty unique tutor. Unique because she's also a practising, qualified lawyer. This allows Fiona to deliver her passion project: legal and life skills for children.
Fiona has been a tutor for over 15 years, helping students with their reading and writing skills, alongside her legal studies and career. In 2015, Fiona qualified as a solicitor here in the UK and has since gone onto work at firms based in Singapore and in Australia.

Much to the UK’s benefit(!), Fiona is now back working in-house at British media company, Global, and just recently was made Senior Legal Counsel which is hugely exciting and extremely impressive.

Amongst it all, Fiona has run Mills Tutoring and recently launched Little Lawyers: an exciting new project, both for Fiona and for the tutoring industry as a whole: teaching students (and adults) the importance of legal skills and exposing them to the kind of life skills that people are usually only afforded post-university or post-apprenticeship.
Listen in and find out how you can improve legal and life skills education for students.

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