Plotting a Clear Path through Recent Legislation Changes and Staying on the Right Side of the Law in Tutoring, with Co-Founder of Law Hound, Steph Barber


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Over the past year, here in the UK, there have been some fundamental changes in legislation around tutoring and the structure of agencies. Leading the way in support for the industry has been Law Hound, one half of which is the wonderful Steph Barber.
Law Hound was set up by Steph and co-founder Sue Edwards in 2009 and since then, has built a wide-ranging practice that supports small businesses in their growth.
When the legislation changes came through in 2021, Steph and Sue found themselves in the enviable position of having built up considerable expertise in this particular area, and hundreds of tutoring agency leaders leant on them for support and guidance.
Now, more important than ever, we got to speak to Steph about why she does what she does and what kind of support tutoring agencies can get from Law Hound.
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