Learning to Unlearn & Learn Again: How One Expert in Training & Development Can Create a Powerful Approach to Progress for You and Your Students, with COO of Eximus Education, Misbah Iqbal


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"Unless you are ready to unlearn and learn again, you will never be able to go further" - it is this mantra that has allowed Misbah Iqbal to develop into the leader and educator that she is today. Now you get to try it too.
Misbah is the COO of London-based tutoring agency Eximus Education (led by the inimitable Haris Jawaid), who work in the UK, US, Canada and, predominantly, the Middle East connecting high-quality (and well trained) tutors with clients from all over. Misbah has led an approach which values client connection over bottom-line profit, creating affordable education solutions over turning families away at the door.
All of this is underpinned by a deeply humanistic and empathetic approach to learning, for both tutor and student. Misbah leads on the training for Eximus tutors and, within the programme, self-reflection is front and centre, imbuing the team with a rich vein of understanding in agency and autonomy.
It's a wonderful message and one that all involved in tutoring should be privy to.
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