Leading the Way in International Tutoring: How One of the Youngest Self-Made CEOs in the World is Building an Education Force to be Reckoned With, with Founder & CEO of Interjoin Teach, Omar El Dokani


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Omar El Dokani has big plans for tutoring. And at the age of just 20, he has plenty of time to put them into action. Listen in to one of the most exciting young minds in tutoring today.
Omar left school in 2020 and after turning down a place at university, raised funds for his digital networking platform, Interjoin.
The initial stages saw huge growth and, having always planned to extend the Interjoin umbrella into more markets, him and his team launched Interjoin Teach: the one-on-one tutoring platform that matches a huge pool of tutors worldwide with students from the Middle East and Asia, and then into the UK and Europe.
Here, Ludo and Omar discuss what these plans mean for international tutoring in 2022 and what Omar has learnt about finding his way in business at such a young age.
Watch. This. Space.
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