How to Support Teachers Looking for a Career Outside of the Classroom, and How Tutoring Can Help, with Founder of did teach, Katie Stickley


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"did teach is a platform dedicated to helping teachers smoothly transition from education into other sectors". Founder Katie Stickley embodies this vision entirely, and it's magical.
Katie is the Founder of did teach and also the co-founder of T.I.M.E, having previously worked for many years in the secondary sector. Did teach is a multifaceted site that helps teachers and educators of all kinds diversify their income or discover new career pathways.
As of 2022, the platform has grown to well over 10,000 members.

Alongside Baasit Siddiqui, Katie has also set up T.I.M.E which provides online courses and workshops for teachers, for parents and for students, empowering each portion of the education field to grow their skills and practice.

And we were delighted that did teach were able to join us as General Partners of the Love Tutoring Festival 2, for which you can still access all of the content on demand at

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