High Learning Potential and Gifted & Talented Students: The How and the Why, with Jemma Zoe Smith


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Jemma Zoe Smith credits the tutors she worked with as a child for her ambition and success as an adult. Learn how to become that tutor.
Jemma runs the highly successful The Education Hotel as well as Top School and Uni, and has built up a great deal of experience and expertise in not only running two education businesses but also in delivering high-quality tuition and advice to students and parents, across the globe (literally).
Here, Jemma and Qualified Tutor Podcast Host, Ludo Millar, chat through:

  • Jemma's background and how it has shaped her current understanding of education and ambition
  • The challenges of running two businesses at once, and Jemma's advice for those looking to start out
  • Jemma's keynote at 2pm GMT on Mon 24th Jan at the Love Tutoring Festival 2
  • What 2022 has in store for Jemma

And thank you to Remedy Tutors, part of the Remedy Recruitment Group, for sponsoring Day 1 at the Festival: Special Educational Needs & Disabilities, Mental Health and Wellbeing.
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