Financial Literacy for Teens: What Tutors & Parents Can Do To Prepare Students for the Important Decisions in Life, with Founder of Isabel Explains, Isabel De La Cruz


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Isabel De La Cruz does something very few other tutors do: financial literacy for that age-group we call teenagers. It is at this age where the crucial intersection between (lack of) knowledge and responsibility for decisions is at its most strained.
On the one hand, teenagers have been given little to no more information than children about finance and banking. And yet, by this age, many have phones, some will have bank accounts and all of them should be aware of how jobs, taxes and so on work.
Isabel's background is in Maths, Science and computer programming, and she began tutoring way back in 2008. Since then, her practice has grown hugely, now encompassing her own tutoring business and a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching financial concepts in a simple, informative style.
If you want to learn how you can apply this knowledge to your children and students, this is the conversation for you. Framed by the understanding that financial literacy for kids is one of the growing forces in education, Isabel neatly ties in stories and tales from years gone by (agonising and amusing in equal measure) that taught her all she now knows about this area.
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