S06E04: The Rookie


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Liz Roscher of Yahoo! Sports and Kevin Goldstein of Fangraphs defied the MLB lockout to join us for The Rookie, an above-average baseball movie about Jim Morris's midlife journey to the majors that is therefore below average generally. How's Dennis Quaid's pitching form? How's his dad-cap form? Is the fictional Jim Morris a solid DILF but a bad high-school coach? Why didn't the nuns in the (interminable) first act go off in the third? And does the movie make the lede in the obit, or get crowded out by classics like Jaws 3D? Editing actors to look like athletes, a suicide-squeeze play only one panelist noticed ('cause she has to), and yet another guest who's "more of a Randy Quaid guy": it's an all-new Quaid In Full.

Overall score: 5.10
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Special Guests: Kevin Goldstein and Liz Roscher.

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