S06E02: Traffic


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Zack Handlen joins us for 2000's Soderbergh Oscar magnet Traffic, which at least one of your co-hosts forgot Dennis Quaid was even in, much less that he played a sleazy Mob-fixer lawyer whose wardrobe erodes really weirdly over the 2.5-hour runtime. Is Quaid miscast? Is this the last time we'll contend with Topher Grace on this podcast? Which plotline is the weakest here, and does Traffic suffer from breaking ground we've seen covered a thousand times since thanks TO Traffic? All these questions, plus '50s-pulp scaremongering, 17-year-old dickheads who read too much, who "invented" Mexico As Yellow, and making our peace with the word "propulsive." Crank us up to jam the bug: it's an all-new Quaid In Full.

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Special Guest: Zack Handlen.

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