S05E09: Any Given Sunday


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Defector's David J. Roth pulls up a seat on the second footballiest day of the year as we talk about Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday, a 157-minute "exploration of boundaries of filmmaking by peole who are permanently on LSD." Whether it's a #poppyfieldsmovie, why it looks so cheap, which Al Pacino(s) we get in this performance and what the F he's wearing, whose performance is most affecting (spoiler: LT's), what that smell is (spoiler: amyl nitrate), and much more in our discussion of a film that lists all the capital-I Issues with pro football, then chooses to run B-roll of lightning instead of engaging with them. Feast your ears on the fifth-season finale of Quaid In Full.

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QQQ score: 7
Days since a lost Kuffs accident: 21

Breaks: "They Call It Pro Football" (1966); "The Autumn Wind" and "Round Up" by Sam Spence


Special Guest: David J. Roth.

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