S05E03: Gang Related


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Kevin Smokler joins us for the third least Quaidy project QIF has covered to date: Gang Related. It's Tupac Shakur's last film, and he's very good, but it's also three or four different films patched together into a quilt of dropped threads and tone problems -- and it's NOT very good, despite an all-star cast, a couple of hilarious line readings, and a guy we'll call Nott William Winters. And as for Quaid, well, if you ever wondered what it might look like to throw Andy Dufresne's Shawshank testimony in a blender with Jason Priestley trying to cry? Here it is. Paul Blart, Rampart Suspect, the retiring-cop boat trope, Quaid's Fugitive, and why you should probably watch Stakeout instead in an all-new Quaid In Full.

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Special Guest: Kevin Smokler.

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