71. Working on Yourself Working on Your Business


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We've talked about MINDSET more than a few times on this show. We've had great guests on to talk about it, too: way back in Season 2 Episode 3, we had Mindset and Goal Setting with Erin & Cleadus Shelton. In Season 1 Episode 4, we had Mindset and Morality in Real Estate Investing with Jason Pritchard, which has been one of the podcast's most-listened-to episodes ever.

Today, we shine the conversation on mindset in a slightly different light than in previous episodes. Not only do our co-hosts share their own struggles (past and present) with improving and sharpening their mindset, but precise activities, habits, and practices that they have taken from their own mentors to help improve their mindset, self-confidence, and success.

Through daily, consistent actions the goal of this episode is to help you, our listeners, shift, strengthen, and grow your own mindset. Strengthening and improving your mindset will not only improve your quality of life, but the quality of your feelings, too.

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