66. Pivoting Your Business for Success with Aryan Geravesh


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It's no secret that the real estate market and economy are shifting. We've talked about it plenty in the past few episodes; however, it is essential to be thinking about what you need to be doing in your business, how to pivot your business, and why the activities you do today will either lead your business to sink or swim.

Co-hosts Scott Farrow and Cade Berrett are extremely excited to bring back on Aryan Geravesh to discuss these topics. Aryan is an entrepreneur, business owner, and CFO of Keller Williams Realty in Fresno. Aryan was a previous guest on Season 2 Episode 9 where he talked about all things personal finance. If you haven't listed to that episode, be sure to go back and listen; today's episode is a perfect follow-up.

After listening or watching to today's episode, you should have numerous strategies on how to take advantage of this shifting market. We hope you enjoy.

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