65. Purchasing Properties at a Deeper Discount


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As investors, purchasing properties at a discount is at the core of our business. If we didn't purchase properties at discounts, there would be nothing left over for us at the end of it all. As the housing market and economy continue to shift and change, now more than ever it is essential to be purchasing properties at an even deeper discount than ever before.

As end buyers (flippers, long-term buy and hold investors) tighten up the reigns and become more conservative, it is key for wholesalers to run their numbers even more conservative to ensure they are sending out a great deal. For flippers and long-term buy and hold interstors, it is just as essential to be conservative with the cooling off we are seeing in the market.

In today's episode, Scott and Cade discuss not only the "why," but also the "how" on purchasing properties at a deeper discount. They emphasize that this skill set will be the make-or-break for investors in our changing market.

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