54. Making $16k in His First Deal with Jake Reyes


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Today the Pursuit of Property podcast is proud to host one of our very own listeners, Jake Reyes, onto the podcast to share his recent success story.

Jake is a full-time correctional officer, owns his own marketing business based out of the Central Valley, and can now add aspiring real estate investor to that list.

Set back with an injury that put him on the sidelines at work, Jake knew he had to put himself into gear to get another source of income started. After taking a deep dive into learning about real estate investing, reaching out to our co-hosts, listening to podcasts, attending meetups, and joining coaching programs, Jake officially closed his first deal for $16,000 profit.

In today's episode, Jake gives a detailed analysis of his first deal, offers advice to those also looking to get their first deal, and explains how he's already got his next deal on deck.

For those of you still scratching at the surface for your first deal, Jake is the definition of someone who threw all analysis paralysis out the window and simply took action. His story is one you are not going to want to miss.

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