51. Building Businesses and Virtual Leadership with Stratton Brown


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In today's episode, the Pursuit of Property Podcast welcomes back a guest who has been sharing value with our listeners since all the way back in season one. He's a man who goes by many names - his most notable being Stratt Daddy and the Guru's Guru.

Welcome Stratton Brown back to the Pursuit of Property Podcast! Stratton is an absolute beast of an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate investor, father, and friend. While Stratton has previously shared how to find leads through cold calling and the best business tools to build your business, today he talks about how to build successful businesses and virtual leadership.

Stratton has built multiple businesses to six and seven figures in a short period of time and emphasizes the most important pieces to the puzzle to building a sustainable and successful business.

Stratton is also the co-host of the Winning Move Podcast and head of the Winning Mastermind. You can find him on Instagram at @strattdaddyy

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