38. Business Planning


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In the final full-length episode of the year, Scott and Cade sit down to discuss the importance of business planning. What exactly does that mean, though? As business owners, it is essential to keep tabs on your current/end-of-year KPIs (revenue, expenses, profit, etc.) in order to best plan for next year’s goals. Many of us look to grow our businesses year over year; establishing a business plan not only helps you set monetary goals for revenue and profit, but it is also a tool to put together a game plan on how you will achieve those goals. Additionally, Scott and Cade emphasize that not all business planning is centered on monetary or financial goals - things like finding a better work/life balance, implementing a new marketing channel, or anything related to the success of you and your business are great things to include in your business plan. Finally, Scott and Cade discuss their own 2022 business plans for their respective companies.

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