37. How to Handle Your First Appointment


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BOOM! You’ve set your very first real estate investment appointment with a seller. Now what? How should you prepare? What should you say? How do you best set yourself up to close the deal? In one of the most important podcast episodes yet, Scott and Cade share how to handle your first appointment. In addition to outlining what to do before the appointment, they also relay investor Pace Morby’s 5 Essential Questions to ask a seller while on an appointment (referencing Bigger Pockets Episode 528). If you are struggling to find your first deal, unsure of how to approach your first appointment, or have a deal and aren’t sure on how to get it done, please reach out to Scott or Cade. Please reach out to us at pursuitofproperty@gmail.com or find us on social media if you have any questions, comments, or feedback.

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