Transform Your Business with Supervision with Jessica Serdikoff Romola


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I LOVED recording this episode with Jessica Serdikoff Romola. I’m so excited to get it out into the world for all of you. Jess and I talked very openly and honestly about how supervision is so important for dietitians, for our career and for all the imposter feelings that we have. Jess termed the phrase “imposter feelings” — I love it – instead of “imposter syndrome” and we talk about why in the podcast episode.I think you’ll really enjoy hearing Jess and I discuss what goes into supervision and break down how it can absolutely transform your business as a dietitian.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • What is supervision and “imposter feelings”
  • Challenges dietitians face and how supervision can help by providing support, advocacy and growth
  • How to handle emotional reactions and overidentification with clients
  • Shifting into group supervision from 1:1 coaching

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