My ED Recovery and Journey as a Dietitian


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Our work as anti-diet RDs makes such a difference in the world. But sometimes, it can feel lonely when there’s so much diet culture that we’re constantly fighting against.

This podcast episode is a little bit different. In this episode I address a lot of the traditional storytelling around becoming a dietitian in the first place. I talk about why I wanted to become a dietitian in the first place, my internship, my first job, and building my private practice. I also talk about my own eating disorder recovery in this episode, which feels vulnerable. But I know it will be valuable. I have learned so many things in recovery that apply to how I manage my businesses today, and I want to reflect on that and share that with you today.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • My own eating disorder journey & recovery
  • My internship at Johns Hopkins and how that contributed to my eating disorder
  • Starting therapy & how the skills I learned translated to being able to starting a private practice

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