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Roger Boyer II, PhD, is an American citizen, Canadian citizen, and a citizen of the Anishinabek Nation, which is an Indigenous nation of 1.7 million people that stretches across parts of Canada and the American Midwest.

In addition to his work in Indigenous healthcare as a director of comprehensive primary care, and involvement in other numerous healthcare improvement initiatives, Roger is the leader of CF Indigenous, a project aimed at cultivating a community of Indigenous CrossFit athletes.

Canadian Indigenous suffer from chronic disease at rates far higher than the national average, and Roger himself was once in danger of becoming part of this statistic. In 2017, he weighed nearly 400 lbs and was prediabetic and prehypertensive.

Since starting CrossFit, Roger has lost over 150 lbs and seen numerous health improvements. He believes CrossFit can be a catalyst for positive change within Indigenous communities, and through CF Indigenous he hopes to make CrossFit more accessible to other potential CrossFit athletes and coaches.

You can connect with Roger and CF Indigenous via Instagram @cfindigenous or Facebook.

Resources: Indigenous CrossFit Level 1 Scholarship Fund 215 Honor WOD

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