CrossFit Health Tip - What happens to HRV during pregnancy? with Shon Rowan, MD PH248


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Can giving birth increase your heart rate variability (HRV)?

Research conducted by OB-GYN Shon Rowan, MD, indicates that it can!

In a study following women who were already exercising and planning to become pregnant, Rowan used a wearable device pre-, during, and post-pregnancy to track HRV and resting heart rate.

The results provided several fascinating insights:

  • Several participants were able to detect conception prior to taking a pregnancy test.
  • Women experienced a statistically significant increase in resting heart rate and decrease in HRV with each trimester.
  • Approximately 56 days before delivery, those trends reversed. Resting heart rate began to decrease, and HRV increased with the approach of delivery.
  • This trend continued into the postpartum period to the point that postpartum HRV exceeded the pre-conception state.

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