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It probably comes as no surprise that alcohol has a negative impact on sleep quality, but why does something that seems to help you drift off actually turn out to be problematic?

Mike Stone, MD, shares two main reasons why alcohol and sleep don’t mix:

  • Alcohol disrupts normal sleep architecture, leading to nighttime waking and reduced sleep quality.
  • Alcohol suppresses REM sleep, which is critical for learning and memory.

For an eye-opening experiment, try using a wearable sleep tracker and observe the results. You’re most likely to notice decreased HRV, increased resting heart rate, and decreased REM sleep.

Still want to enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine? Dr. Stone suggests these strategies to help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol consumption:

  • Minimize the total amount of alcohol you consume.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption earlier in the evening, further away from sleep.
  • Use a sleep tracker to run experiments and determine which types of alcohol and what circumstances result in the smallest impact possible for you personally.

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