Ep. 101 - How to Get on Podcasts without Being an A-hole w/ Tom Schwab


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Are you looking at the world as transactions or relationships? Tired of robo-pitching out to the wind in hopes of finding average places to land? If you’ve been wanting to develop long-lasting relationships, then now is the time to change your method! Our guest this week shares the importance of treating potential podcast guests as future friendships and how to lead with heart.

This week, I am talking with Tom Schwab, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Podcast Interview Marketing Pioneer. Tom shares incredible insight into why our main goal should always be about creating and maintaining friendships. When we lead with a heart of service, we are able to increase the level of impactful conversations and create meaningful relationships.

Join us this week as we learn why our relationships are more than just click funnels and robo-pitches.

Topics Discussed:

  • Treating people as relationships instead of pitching baseballs
  • The importance of adding value to others
  • Understanding that more is not always better
  • Shifting our focus from selling to conversation
  • Understanding relationships as our most valuable currency
  • Why a heart of service will never lead to a sellout

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Mark Crandall

  • “Podcasting is all about having a platform to leverage to build relationships with other humans.”
  • “Newsflash: The higher level the guest is, the less likely they are to share out the episode that they do with you.”
  • “There are people who are looking to serve and those that are looking to use.”

Tom Schwab

  • “You pitch a baseball but you introduce a human being.”
  • “When people are pitching, it's dehumanizing. And it’s dehumanizing to the host. It basically says, hey, I want to use and abuse your podcast for my transaction, or have a one night stand.”
  • “If we start with the connection with a method of service and a heart of service, that will go a lot farther than doing as a transaction because podcasters can see that transaction from a mile away.”
  • “The whole goal is to build relationships, not only with the host but with the audience.”
  • “Instead of jab, jab, jab, right hook, I say serve, serve, serve, ask.”
  • “Make sure that you offer clear value and make sure it's clear that you're not there selling.”
  • “There are three types of people that podcast hosts want to have on their show: friends, friends of friends, and people they want to be their friends.”
  • “Relationships are the ultimate currency. That's where you get a richer life from. It's not from all these little transactions.”
  • ‘People have no idea how much harm that they are doing to their brand by robo-pitching or by abusing their audience.”
  • “You aren't one funnel away, you are on conversation away.”
  • “You can only sell out your audience one time then you're exposed for who you are.”

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