Walk-in's with Rev. Kari Chapman


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Rev. Kari Chapman consciously walked in, in 1982. She is a conscious multidimensional Psychic and Intuitive Healer with most of her training coming directly from the Angels and Ascended Masters that she works with. Rev. Kari Chapman has dedicated her life to God/Creator/Spirit in service to all life forms on earth in their ongoing evolution. Helping souls to understand the great circle of life, death and rebirth, Kari joyfully reminds us that there need be no fear of the process of Life and Death. Kari’s unique life experiences have given her the wisdom, strength and courage to help others in their understanding of their own life’s journeys. Kari is quick to point out that she has not been educated in the universities of this planet, but rather has been schooled in Life’s Lessons, on this earth plane and in many other dimensions as well. Known for the purity of her heart and steadfast integrity, Kari firmly believes that we are truly ALL ONE!

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