#004: The Root of Release | Zack Stark


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Zack Stark had never heard about ayahuasca until he was offered some by a friend. The next evening he and two other friends drank the ayahuasca. Zack thought this would be a nice way to get a natural high, but instead he had a life-changing experience. The ayahuasca he consumed acted as the root and foundation of a process of detoxifying himself from emotional pain and heartache he had buried for years. Since his ayahuasca experience, Zack has continued to find new ways to release emotional pain and develop spiritually.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:55 Trying ayahuasca on a whim
00:04:21 Floating through the infinities
00:09:35 Seeing and becoming the universe
00:14:13 The ayahuasca had an agenda
00:23:06 Finding new means for emotional and spiritual growth
00:31:27 Lasting benefits from meditation

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