#002: How Not to Do Psychedelics | Samuel Hale


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Samuel Hale is an educator, writer and podcaster. We start off talking about Sam's experience with depression in childhood and then get into some of his early experiences with psychedelic substances, including psilocybin and salvia during high school and college. In Sam's smoked salvia experiences, time dissolved and he took on new identities where he felt intense emotions in alternate realities.

Sam's experience with LSD is a warning for anyone interested in psychedelics. He didn't have a sitter and consumed an unknown quantity of LSD, resulting in intense anxiety and discomfort. Fortunately, Sam was able to connect with friends and mental health professionals after his LSD experience to work on improving his mental health and wellbeing. We discuss where Sam is at now with his writing career, mental health and a consistent mindfulness practice he has developed.

Check out Sam's personal and podcast Twitter handles below to find out more about what he's working on. His podcast is called Pod in the Machine and is dedicated to nerd culture across anime, film, gaming, and more.

The purpose of the podcast is for education and storytelling. We are not medical or legal professionals. We encourage you to consult a physician and your local laws before considering the use of psychedelic substances. Please understand that you may not hold us liable or responsible for relying on any information contained on the podcast or our website.


00:00:00 Intro
00:02:03 Depression in childhood
00:05:11 First experiences with cannabis and psilocybin
00:09:59 Attending college and seeing a counselor
00:18:01 Salvia experiences
00:26:53 Teaching overseas
00:32:32 A failed relationship, grad school, and additional counseling
00:35:45 Using cannabis and meditation to explore rather than escape
00:44:25 Disenfranchised and disassociating
00:47:05 Getting serious about writing
00:49:26 Anxiety, disability, and meditation
00:58:25 Manic state
00:59:56 Breakdown
01:02:12 Bipolar type II diagnosis
01:07:39 Serious mediation practice
01:14:19 Finding the right bipolar medication
01:16:04 A psilocybin experience in nature
01:20:09 A terrifying night on LSD
01:31:44 Microdosing psilocybin
01:36:22 Finding purpose as a writer

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