#001: From Mormonism to Psychedelics | Daniel Lion


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After leaving Mormonism, Daniel Lion came across research that indicated psychedelics may have been involved in early Mormon visionary experiences. This piqued his interest into the possibility of having a mystical experience of his own on psychedelics. He also learned about the potential mental health benefits of psychedelics and hoped they could be used to treat his clinical depression. In this episode he describes some of his experiences using psilocybin, edible cannabis, and ayahuasca. While he did have what felt like mystical experiences, he also had some difficult memories from his past surface in vivid detail.

The purpose of the podcast is for education and storytelling. We are not medical or legal professionals. We encourage you to consult a physician and your local laws before considering the use of psychedelic substances. Please understand that you may not hold us liable or responsible for relying on any information contained on the podcast or our website.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:46 Mormon upbringing
00:10:42 Leaving Mormonism
00:17:45 Researching psychedelics
00:22:27 Psilocybin experiences
00:35:39 Cannabis edibles
00:37:42 Ayahuasca experiences
00:49:44 Lessons learned

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