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Carolyn Reckhow of Thesis, the developer of the new Tally Ho Ethereum wallet, joins Chris Blec for an honest chat about the new community-backed wallet project and how it can serve as an alternative to MetaMask.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Carolyn's history with Ethereum including time spent at ConsenSys
  • how the Tally Ho wallet project came to be
  • the pros and cons of MetaMask's stranglehold on the wallet space
  • the incentives, or lack thereof, for VCs to back DAO-run projects
  • the future of wallet apps with regard to regulation
  • much more!



Learn more at https://tornado.cash


Learn more about Tally Ho at https://tally.cash

Study up on & participate in the upcoming Tally Ho DAO at https://gov.tally.cash/t/tally-ho-dao-structure-proposal/455

Follow Tally Ho on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tallycash

Follow Carolyn on Twitter at https://twitter.com/CReckhow

Follow Chris Blec on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ChrisBlec

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