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On this episode, Chris Blec digs deep into the question "What is a DAO?" with John, Chris and Augusto of the DeFi-building DAO, DXdao. The conversation explores whether or not the term "DAO" should have a strict definition, what different forms a DAO can take, and explores the recent ConstitutionDAO phenomenon and whether it was good or bad for the decentralization movement.

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Learn more about DXdao at https://dxdao.eth.link.

Follow DXdao on Twitter at https://twitter.com/DXdao_.

Twitter links:

John Kelleher - https://twitter.com/jpkcambridge

Chris Powers - https://twitter.com/powers_chris

Augusto L - https://twitter.com/augustolemble

Chris Blec - https://twitter.com/chrisblec

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