The Holy Sea with Chance from Innerverse


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Are you almost unable to watch anything without wanting to decode it all? Has the fleeting news cycle left you hollow? Do the world's mysteries seems right at you finger tips, but you are still looking for a keystone kernel to expand your school of thought? Well, then this might be just the episode for you.
I touch base with Chance from The Innerverse Podcast. We discuss the symbolism of the placenta, chat about the etymology of a few names, go into a little about the Cosmic Egg and, maybe even dance with dragons.
You curious about Mary, Diana, Luna or Selena? Does the "mar" and "mer" stand out to you, as much as it provokes us? Are you intrigued by sound healing or harmonics? Ever wondered who Abraxas is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this might be just the episode for you.
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