PNN with Jeanine Molloff - Ulvade Texas murders and the NRA controlled GOP


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Within the span of a week, we have witnessed two brutal mass murders, one in Buffalo, New York, and the other in Ulvade, Texas. The mass murder in Buffalo was clearly a hate crime, with an 18 year old shooter who published a 180 page manifesto filled with racist and neo Nazi tropes. Most of the victims were elderly and black. In Ulvade, Texas we witnessed another 18 year old, enter an elementary school and proceed to murder 19 children and 2 teachers. In both instances, the GOP of Trump continues to lie to the public and blame the shootings on mental illness. The same GOP then scapegoats any dissent by shrieking the trope of 'politicizing' the tragedies. In both instances, the police were late and ineffectual. Today's show will discuss the issue of the 2nd amendment, what it actually says, and the corruption of the GOP. Our Jackass of the Week Award will also be awarded to a very deserving party. Come join us. Jeanine

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