EJR with Jeanine Molloff - Corporations fight climate law by suing governments.


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EJR is back! This week I will report how the very corporations responsible for trashing the planet, are suing governments globally in a desperate attempt to kill any meaningful climate justice law. Now, both the mainstream press, (and progressive outlets like TYT with Cenck Ughur), are reporting this story as if it were a new phenomenon--it's not. This process has been in effect for years, courtesy of a specific tool that permeates our multilateral trade agreements, namely ISDS or Investor State Dispute Settlement. ISDS is essentially, a kangaroo court, and the judges or 'arbitrators' often come from the ranks of corporate law firms that are paid by the very polluters bringing the suit. It is a dishonest setup, and both democrats and republicans signed off on this Faustian deal. I have written on this subject for some time now. Come join me. Jeanine

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